Making Progress, but the Best Is Yet To Come

March 2021 Expanding Hope Campaign Update

As we look back at a challenging 2020, we’re thankful for partners like you and for how God has continued to provide for the least, the last and the lost here at Phoenix Rescue Mission. It’s a beautiful thing to watch Him work. But His best work is yet to come – the new Life Recovery building is nearly completed!

As soon as the doors to the new building open, our capacity to connect men with life-transforming programs will DOUBLE. We’ll be able to provide increased and higher quality programs for counseling, job attainment, meals and more – launching us into the next chapter for recovery and restoration at the Mission.

This new building will serve as a catalyst for transformation on a scale we’ve never witnessed before – not just because we will be able to serve 200 additional men – but because of the countless lives those graduates will touch.

When God transforms a life, He does so with purpose. Like a ripple in a pond, the power of His love radiates out in all directions changing families, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and more. It’s not an exaggeration to say that once these doors open, Phoenix will never be the same – and it’s all because of friends like you who made it happen!

The Board of Directors feels strongly that God is leading us in this and we will continue to move forward in faith. So far, we’re $1,700,000 shy of the $14,700,000 needed to complete without any lingering debt. We’re so close!

You can help us cross the finish line, whether choosing to invest in this cause again or connecting us to anyone you know who has a heart for the homeless and addicted. After all, many hands make light work! Drop us a note at and help us finish strong!

Thank you and may God continue to bless you,

Brad Richardson
Expanding Hope Campaign Chair