Growth Doesn’t Stop Here

A Message from Ken Brissa, Phoenix Rescue Mission CEO

To be sure, the opening of the Life Recovery Building represents a beacon of hope and a leap forward in recovery for the hurting men we have the privilege of serving.

But to be quite honest, it isn’t enough.

As our city grows so does poverty, homelessness, addiction and all the challenges that go with them. We as a Mission see this need and know we must be committed to expanding again – in every definition of the term including programs, services and facilities – to meet that need.

Today we celebrate what God has done, but we cannot rest. The pandemic left thousands without jobs. What’s more, the federal moratorium on evictions is set to expire in the near future.

This is where our Solutions and Rescue-Assess-Place (RAP) programs shine. RAP is designed to assess needs quickly. For those only needing vocational assistance or a temporary place to stay while they arrange housing, our Solutions program is a perfect fit. It’s short-term (90-120 days) to get people back on their feet quickly through classes, groups, and case management. It’s exactly what thousands in our city need at a time like this.

Phoenix Rescue Mission will renovate the existing Solutions building and convert obsolete dorm space into a larger vocational learning area, state-of-the-art medical evaluation rooms and add much-needed beds to the RAP and Solutions programs to accommodate 80 men at once.

With 80 beds in our front-end programs, we’re talking about an exponential increase to the numbers of lives we can help make whole again.

Thank you for the time, talent, and treasure that makes all of these critical services possible.

Let’s keep growing. Let’s keep the transformation moving forward. Let’s be there for the least, the last, and the lost, introducing them to the saving grace of Christ and impacting lives for eternity.